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Maintenance Tips


  •  Be aware of and report water leaks:
    • Under kitchen sink drain pipes, supply lines, dishwasher connections
    • Under dishwasher (bad seal)
    • Under bathroom sinks, drain pipes, supply lines
    • Shower or bathtub due to lack of caulking
    • Toilet supply lines, cracked water tank, or not secure to floor
    • Around base of air conditioning/heating unit inside the house (if your AC has been running for 30 minutes and no water is coming out of condensate drain outside, the line is clogged)
    • Water heater and connections
  • Your responsibility
    • Washing machine hoses (hot water lines usually go first)
    • Supply hose for refrigerator ice maker
  • Make sure to use correct wattage light bulbs for your fixtures
  • Protect all electrical appliances, e.g.. TVs and computers from power surges and lightning
  • If your AC is not cooling and is blowing hot air, try the following before reporting the problem. Check to see if condenser (outside of house) is running.  If not, shut down system, wait five (5) minutes, reset AC breaker (even if it does not appear to be in off position), and restart the system.


  • Replace your air conditioning/heating system filter
  • Check your smoke detectors – replace battery if needed
  • Trip and reset your ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) 


  • Clean kitchen exhaust hood and air filter
  • Clean clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper, and area under dryer
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts 

COLD WEATHER TIPS (when freezing temperatures are in the forecast)

  • Disconnect water hoses from faucets
  • Wrap exposed pipes with insulating material
  • Wrap exterior faucets with cloth or use foam cover available at building supply store
  • Wrap exposed water heater pipes in garage or store room
  • Allow outside faucets to run (not full blast but more than just dripping)
  • Allow pool/hot tub pump to circulate continuously
  • If hard freeze is predicted (below 20 degrees), allow inside faucets to run in addition to those outside
  • Open cabinet doors under all sinks to let in the heat
  • Make sure you locate the water supply cut off valve to the house. This is usually located at the property line near the street under a small plate. To shut off the water, remove the plate and turn the valve all the way to the right.  If your supply cut-off is like most cut-offs, it is probably covered with dirt.  Now is the time to have this corrected.
  • If your water pipes should freeze, turn off the water supply and leave the faucets open until the pipes thaw.  If your pipes spring a leak, turn off the water supply immediately to prevent further damage.  Then report the problem.
  • If you plan on being out of town, have a friend or neighbor stop by to turn on the faucets during the freeze.