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Move Out Instructions

When you move, you should leave the property clean and in “move in” condition. In other words, leave it as you would like it to be if you were moving into the property. Please read the section of your lease concerning the security deposit. In addition to possible deductions listed there, the following list is a reminder of things to do.

  1. Remove and haul off all trash from house, garage and yard. You will be charged if trash is left outside city container.
  2. Remove and haul off any paint and/or lawn chemicals.
  3. Clean stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinets, drawers, tubs, sinks, ceiling fans, blinds, and all floors.
  4. Replace missing or burned out light bulbs.
  5. Replace missing or non-working battery in smoke detector.  Replace missing or broken smoke detector (one for each bedroom).
  6. Mow and edge lawn and remove leaves, limbs, etc.
  7. Deflea unit and yard if pets were on premises.
  8. Have carpets professionally cleaned if pets were on premises.
  9. Provide us with a forwarding address if you have not already done so. This must be in writing.
  10. Return to our office garage door openers and keys (house, garage, storage, mailbox, pool, etc.). We have 30 days from your move out date (or surrender date) to refund your security deposit.